Help: Adjusting the right WB for K-x (with photo)


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Apr 24, 2010
Hi guys

I just came back from my trip. I took many photos with K-x, using Vibrant mode, manual WB at A1 and found out that my K-x is a bit over sat on purple/magenta and red/orange. Please see the photo below.

I tried portrait and landscape mode but found out that they lack some sat in some colors. Any advice on what mode I should use my K-x to to utilize its best color?



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Jan 23, 2010
If you are so picky about color then you should shoot in raw and process your photos accordingly. There are amazing things you can with a K-x raw file.

Also, there is no one best setting for all situations - it will depend on the lighting conditions as well as the scene it self. Furthermore, everyone has their own personal preferences as to color.

Ultimately, if you prefer not to do post processing, you need to tweak your own camera until the jpegs that come out are to your own taste.

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