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Apr 12, 2006
I am a new poster on this forum and I have a question that I hope someone can answer.

I was a photography buff quite a few years back(mid 70s - mid 80s) and with my job, family, and other obligations photography got put on the back shelf. Now that I am starting to have a little more spare time I would like to get more involved in it. My problem is my equipment is rather old and needs replaced.When i bought my equipment back then the camera and lens was a Yashica. The camera and lens were both very good but I am wanting to switch to digital.

My main reason for writing is to see if anyone knows if there is some kind of universal fitting or something that will allow me to use my Yashica lenses on a different model camera. I would appreciate any help anyonecould give me. It is a pleasure to become a member of this board and I am sure I will enjoy meeting the other members.


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Oct 27, 2003
hi frederick,

welcome to clubsnap! perhaps you can give us more information about the camera/s and lens/es u currently own. i guess the lenses you own now are for the contax/yashica mount. i believe there is a lens adaptor for using a contax lens on a canon eos digital SLR (contax - canon EOS adaptor) but i shall leave that to the canon experts here to confirm. i'm not sure if there is a similar lens adaptor for using contax/yashica lenses on nikon and other brands of SLR.

mods, pls help to move this post to the "newbies" section, thx!


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