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Sep 29, 2003
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Gooday :) I am a new kid in the block. Let me do a short intro abt myself before seeking advice from the old birds or regulars here.

I live in SG and trying to pickup photography as a new hobby. I am a late starter in this area and only bought my first film camera (Minolta Riva 150) before I go for honeymoon :p Next, my company gave me a Minolta Dimage 2330 and recently an Oly C5050 as long service award. I hope that I can make full utilization of the new dc, got a lot to learn from you all.

A few questions that need to seek some advice abt storage. May sound silly to some of you but will really be helpful to me:

1) I juz bought a digital dry cabinet to store my barang barang. I noticed that the dry box manual state the error rate is 5%. I noticed that it sometimes fluctuates to RH45%, and assuming 5% error, can be RH40% actually? Any harm to camera and lens or am I just being paranoid abt my new toy? Previously, I juz dump my other 2 cameras in a cardboard together with my clothes but so far they didn't have any molds, etc. Touch-woold :)

2) However, I can't say the same for my bino which seems to have mold on the inner lens. It could be due to the fact that I brought it out to sea before but I don't recall any splashes on it leh. What do u all do when u discover an item with mold? Do u still put it in the dry cabi or take it out in case it spread to other items? I KS a bit did not put it in.

3) Also, cameras and lens come with some bags (leather or other materials) , any harm if I put the lens and camera in the bags for extra protection and then into the dry cabinet?

Thank you and best regards.

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