hello everyone

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Oct 7, 2008
Hello everyone..
I'm a real newbie in dslr here. Always amazed on how people can make great pictures and had been dreaming of having good dslr gears and making good pictures myself, till then last week when finally i got my first dslr gears, EOS 50D + some lenses (phew.. this really drained my pocket.. :sweatsm: ).
A week just to learn and familiarize on some basic functions and buttons, and learned a lot lot stuffs from clubsnap forums too, then this morning for the first time I brought my gears outdoor to Punggol Park take some real shots, using EFS 18-55mm and EF 50mm.. (leaving my EFS 55-250mm at home since the EOS bag too small to carry all :( )
I was a little bit clueless on how to share the pics here, seems the forum post can't accept direct image attachment and need to point out to other URL, so I just quickly created flickr account and upload some..


comments are highly appreciated :)


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May 23, 2006
Welcome to CS.

To post photos from Flickr.

Go to Flickr
1) Click on your photo
2) Select the option "All sizes" just above your photo
3) Choose the size: square/thumbnail/small/medium/large/original
4) Copy the Grab the photo URL

Go to CS
5) Paste onto your CS post after you click the icon which says insert image

50D is a big step for a new DSLR, the best way to make full use of it is to keep shooting and honing your skills.


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