Heart and Soul 2

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

Junedy was the (only) lady harpist who performed together with the Singapore Wind Symphony at the Victoria Concert Hall last week. I have no idea how a harp as a stringed instrument ended up in a wind symphony concert, but then again wat do i know about music ;P
(later on it became apparent - the concert is a performance of Stephen Melillo's famous pieces, and the harp was needed for some of the compositions)

She stayed back behind on stage when all the rest of the musicians left for their breaks during the 15 min intermission during the concert, forging her break to practise her pieces for the rest of the concert. This series ended up in Heart and Soul because of her diligence and dedication to her own performance. Achieving perfection in one's chosen craft takes time and she is clearly putting her heart and soul into it.

i asked if i could make some pics, and she smiled obligingly. Despite that fact, i only took a few as i didn't want to distract her from her practise - the fact she didn't look up from her practice during my shoot works well - i certainly don't want posed shots!


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