Hawaii Five O

Sep 17, 2008
I've read that an Australian film company is planning to shoot the new Hawaii Five O series in Singapore.

Si Boh?

We have to go around wearing Hawaiian shirts to make the scene authentic or what?
nah. dun think so. just coconuts only:thumbsup:


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Aug 27, 2003
I also heard that this movie is also going to be shot in Singapore. The rational is because they wanted this film to be 100% Singapore, and to be shot in any manner and let the viewers form their own stories in any way they wanted, like that "YourSingapore" concept and also because of the leading actress, who is a UniquelySingaporean, who live only in 5-star hotels and leading actor, whose wife is a Singaporean.

The main actress has hard time looking for good script in Singapore and she is not interested in those directors who are good only in MPV directing. Anyone here can recommend her a good director? Don't bother to recommend that Passionate guy, since the budget does not allow for swallow saliva soup and expensive hair stylists ...

However there are a few problems that have to be sorted out first.
They need to find a replacement for the Singer-actor, preferably a Singaporean too. Potential ones include that one who sang that unpopular YOG's song, and that construction worker. Also they are having big problems looking for Singapore xmm with abundant assets to re-use the ladies-in-waiting dresses for this part II, tentively to be titled The Curse of the Casinos.

Heard also they will be contacting this Mr Kobeshaq since the whole world knows that our bro has shot, collected, posted, etc thousands of RA images of countless local xmm models. And since he is able to bluff his way though with these xmm, they are sure he would be able to recruit many xmm for the movie ...


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