having problem with colors

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Aug 19, 2008
hi, i'm facing this problem, not sure how to search for answers... this is wat happened.
the photo is raw format, in Lightroom2, i send the pic to Photoshop CS4 for editing, den i save the pic... den i export the pic out from lightroom into jpeg. up til this stage, everything is fine, the colors been rich and vibrant. the problem start when i upload the pic to facebook. the photos appear desaturated, although there's stil colors, but it's not wat i see. all this are seen on the same laptop.... so i tot may be is the host, den i try using photobucket... same thing happen. i have attach the pic for comment...

my laptop has not been calibrated. is this a problem of a non-calibrated screen? den y am i seein 2 different pics?
pls help... tks:(


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
How do you want to judge colours when your monitor is not calibrated? As long as the colours shown by the monitor do not reflect what is digitally encoded in the file all work is nearly useless. Secondly: LR and CS are colour profile sensitive applications. Most web browsers are not (exceptions: Safari, FF3 - need to be turned on). That means the browser will interpret the colours if the file on a very average basis, ignoring all characteristics of the file and the host computer system. More to read:

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