Hardshell/softshell tripod bags?

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Got an interesting question for the forum.

I'm looking for a tripod bag but a special tripod bag. I work offshore, and often we are limited in weight in what we can bring (we get flown by chopper so weight is a big restriction).

At the moment I take a backpack with me (carry on) that contains notebook, ipod etc. I also take my Manfrotto PRO55B tripod in a MBAG80P which holds it perfectly. The problem is that I often need to fit rolled shirts, power packs and toiletries alongside the tripod legs, and unfortunately the MBAG80P fills like a sausage. Something just a little wider would be perfect.

So, any good suggestions for me?


Well, that is one option, but then I'm left with a secondary flimsier tripod and two backpacks :)

I might head down to Cathay and see what the Tamrac bags are like.

Thanks for the thought, though.


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smaller than your 055B and sturdy enough for your equipment
short enough (closed) to fit in your backpack
and get a bigger backpack to fit everything in

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