Happy Lunar New Year!!!

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Jan 18, 2002
Hougang, SG
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I would like to take this opportunity to wish all HWZ forumers of all races Good Health, Good Luck and a very Happy Lunar New Year.

To those who're schooling, I wish all of you Execellent Results for all yor upcoming exams.

To those who're working, I wish all of you Promotions, Huge Annual Increments, and Fat Bonuses.

To those who're getting married, I wish you a Blissful Marriage and are blessed with Adorable Children

Most importantly, to wish everyone on Earth to live together in Total Harmony.

Peace!!! :D

P.S. Seems that it'll be pretty rainy over the next few day, according to the weather report.

Since Water means $$$ for Chinese, I wish all of you folks Wealth, Prosperity and Good Fortune in the coming Year of the Goat.

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