Hands On Review: Nikon D7500


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Oct 10, 2005
Did a hands-on report on the D7500 and basically it is a capable shooter. If weather sealing and dual SD card slot is your thing, then the obvious choice is to get the D500 and not the D7500.

How come?

D7200 was meant to be a prosumer camera for DX, basically the best Nikon DX Body and so it has some Pro features but the controls are not "Pro-centric". To call the D7200 a professional camera is a bit far fetched.

The D500 however has a good sensor, has the AF module of the D5 and these with the processor meant that the D500 is a bonafide professional camera. That means the D7500 should be a true advance consumer camera instead and its feature set is correct! There is now less problems in segregating the Nikon Line properly.

Despite not being a prosumer level camera, the D7500 is worth a look. It has the same sensor and processor as the D500 so it is not a surprise that the image quality looks the same. The AF module makes a huge difference IMHO. Yes the AF module is not as fast as the D500's but it works if you know how to work around the speed. And also the AF speed is also dependent on the lens you use too.

You can check Alex Ortega's review with all the test photos too in the review section.

How about the AF tracking? I think I got spoilt by Nikon D500 so in comparison D7500 seems slower. Is it accurate? well the number of hits is still in the high percentages so that is good.

My own test photos are here for AF tracking: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wilzworkz/albums/72157683022598800

Since I have the D7500 with me now, a full review will be forthcoming in a week or 2's time.

The article: https://www.techgoondu.com/2017/06/28/hands-nikon-d7500/