Half-price VXLR+ knock-off: MOVO FXLR Pro


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The nondescript Movo FXLR Pro has been one of the most liberating piece of audio gear since the proliferation of prosumer audio gear in the market.(or more accurately, since the original Rode VXLR+) The big impedance divide and the deep phantom power/mic bias chasm has finally been bridged by this boring looking adapter.
Apart from the advertised use of stepping down phantom power from 48V to 3V, the MOVO FXLR is also a DI box of sorts. I'm not exactly sure of the voodoo inside the Movo's circuitry but my el cheapo $75 Takstar WTG500 tourist guide intercom with unbalanced output is now completely clean and usable on professional camcorders, audio recorders and mixers! The Takstar transmits via UHF from lavalier mics as well as computers, sound mixers, cameras, practically anything that outputs 3.5mm.regardless of whether it is line, mic or phone level. The unbalanced signal used to require a DI box if patched into XLR inputs but the MOVO did away with that!
In my book, it will be the best $12 you can spend on audio.
For ENG, the Movo FXLR can get you out of a jam if you need to patch audio from another cameraman's headphone port into your camera's XLR input.

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