Habana, Cuba in 10 pictures.


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Jan 14, 2010
I chose 10 pictures and added description to the pictures.
Pictures captured on the Leica M6 TTL film camera and also
on the Yahica T4 Point and Shoot. Film is Kodak Tri-X 400
(Arista Premium 400)

The Capitol building was modeled after the one in Washington DC,
built in 1920s it was the seat of govt until the revolution in 1959,
where it now a academy of science, next to it is the national theater.

Cuba is in a strategic location. Historically colonized by
Spain, annexe by the US and fought briefly by the British.
As such, revolution and freedom has been a key part of Cuba.
The statue is of Jose Marti, dubbed the Apostle of Cuban

Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Born in Argentina, died in Bolivia,
but central to the Cuban Revolution. Now the famous photo
by Alberto Korda adorns t-shirts, cups worldwide.
Here is one of the ministry building, I forget ministy of Comms
or Interior, with a huge "Che" picture.

Raul Castro has instituted many reforms
(including the recent private property land reform)
in Cuba since he took office from his brother Fidel in 2008.

(to be continued)


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Jan 14, 2010

Literacy rate in Cuba is the highest in Latin America.
Among emerging countries, the medical services is
considered one of the best in the world.

Postal office in Cuba. Everything is very run-down
due to lack of foreign direct investment (FDI), this is
due to the US embargo on Cuba. Salaries here
average $1 a day. Each houseful receive food
coupons for basic dairy products.

School kids on a Tuesday doing exercises. Notice the
whole range of looks, from blacks, to European features,
and even Asian. (The Chinese started arriving from
China back in the '60s)

Public Safety. Police was patrolling the area near my hotel,
the Parque Central. Cuba has a 3 year compulsory military
service for all males and females (with certain exemption)
who reach 18 years of age.

Cuba has some of the best looking retro American cars
from the 1950's. After the revolution the maintenance
of the cars were done without spare parts from the
US because of the embargo.

fin. Thanks for viewing.


Feb 4, 2012
New York, USA
What an awesome set of pictures! Thanks for sharing those. Love the choice of Tri-X. Lends a certain amount of grit/atmosphere. (Though I'd be tempted to shoot color for the more colorful downtown scenes/buildings).

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