Gundam in ruins city

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May 9, 2007
The foot doesnt look like step properly on the floor :p


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Feb 15, 2003
Outside the Dry Box.
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to me, i think the lasso was quite badly done, can see jagged edges in such small pic, imagine on a bigger image, even worse...

lighting also not syncronised.

the foot not in sync with the floor. no shadows to show as well.

Redsun, this was taken in CHINA... think i belong to the other tour group. Din't see u ard..;)

Aiyo, Del_CtrlnoAlt you think i up for any competition? Jus trying to test out this for fun.
The lighting is up above so light is only seen from the top torso and above. Since the lighting is this way. The mech shadow is at the back of the leg. My perspective of this might be different from others but this is how i look at it.

Thanks all for looking and the comments!

Apr 8, 2007
Its great, nice color on the MS.
My only concern is that this MS looks 8m tall, when its supposed to be 18m.
Enlarge the MS much more. Using a Red Zaku custom will have more impact - Char in town!

Have you seen the works of Katoki Hajime who uses MS with real life background pics with mondo PS. His works and yours are such kewl inspirations.

Cant wait to see the next frame when that Zaku falls backwards!

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