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Nov 18, 2006
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Read yesterday's ST and bitten by the travel bug again, so intent to travel up there this early Aug.
Now, need info on the best and shortest route to get up there.
FM can please advise.

Jul 1, 2013
The route below is for your reference.
Huangguoshu Waterfalls - Dragon Palace Scenic Area - Tianlong Tunpu Old Town - Red Maple Lake - Qingyan Ancient Town - Huaxi Park

Huangguoshu Waterfalls: Towering 74 meters tall and 81 meter wide, Huangguoshu (Yellow Fruit Tree) Waterfalls, on Baishui River in Anshun City of Guizhou Province, is world famous as China's largest waterfall and also the biggest waterfall in Asia.
Dragon Palace Scenic Area: The Dragon Palace Scenic Area is located in 27 km southwest of Anshun and 132 km from Guiyuang. It is famed for the more than 90 fabulous caves and numerous amazing cascades insides. Entering in those various caves, you will feel like that you are going to visit the palace for Dragon King living under the water in Chinese tales and myths.
Tianlong Tunpu Old Town: Located 72 kilometers west of Guiyang, Tianlong Tunpu Old Town is actually an outpost position of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).In China, Tianlong Tunpu is worthy of the name “the No.1 Stone Town in Southwest China” as all its houses were built of stones, even the locals’ daily utensils. Stone foundations, stone walls, flagstone roofs, stone watchtowers, stone wall crenels, stone upstairs and stone dog holes…for centuries, the locals have characterized their houses as their army ancestors.
Red Maple Lake: ocated about 32 km (20 miles) west of Guiyang,The vast Red Maple Lake, dotted with over 190 islands, is noted for a fascinating natural sight of lake, islands, caves and mountains in karst landform.The Hongfeng Lake Area consists of scenic areas, namely the North Lake, the South Lake, the Rear Lake and the minority ethnic villages.
Qingyan Ancient Town: Originally built in 1378 for the military reasons, Qingyan Ancient Town is now one of the most famous historical and cultural towns in Guizhou Province.Qingyan Ancient Town is famed for its old buildings. It has 9 monasteries, 8 temples, 5 pavilions, 3 caves, 2 ancestral halls, 1 palace and 1 courtyard.
Huaxi Park: Huaxi Park is located at the center of the Huaxi Scenic Area and enjoys the reputation of “the pearl of the Plateau”. Huaxi Park is covered with leafy trees throughout the year because of its subtropical region and a limpid river murmuring through it, people feel very cool when visit it.

Hope these information is useful.

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