Guitarists please come in ...

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Adam Goi

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Hi who are the guitarists (I define it as long as you know how to play one) here? :think:

Started to learn since September 2007 (using LDS, heh) and now strumming an acoustic Simon & Patrick Spruce CW ... will be going for another course in a weeks' time ... :)


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Nov 29, 2006
Hi Adam, I started learning in '82, last gig-ed in '93, and have been laid up since then! Used 2 Yamahas, 1 Fender and 1 Ovation 1984... but my guitars (like cameras) are definitely better than what I could squeeze out of them. If you consider the ability of knowing C from A chord, then I can qualify lah! :embrass:

Carry on your learning process! :thumbsup:

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