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Jason Ho

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
I am not sure if its due to the holidays or some people are getting more time or they are trying to find a place to vent their real life frustration.

Irregardless of whatever the reason, I urge everyone to read these Guidelines again.

1. Be Nice and Be Civilised - abusing, name-calling, personal attacks on members and/or generally trying to stir up trouble will not be tolerated. Be kind to newbies as they may not know the general flow of the forums. Repeatedly violation of this rule will result in banishment.

2. New Posters (newbies) - Use the Search Engine to find out if whatever information you are seeking has been posted before posting a question.

3. Off-Topic (OT) posts - Please direct all posts not related to Photography to the Kopitiam forum. OT posts will be deleted or moved without noticed if posted in any other forums.
  • NOTE: Although Kopitiam is meant as a catch-all area for things not related to photography, posts/threads which are:
    1. religious,
    2. political,
    3. racist;
    in nature or can be construed as such will also be stamped out, abolished and demolished without prejudice.
4. Spam - We will not tolerate posting of the same message to two or more forums. Any such posts will be merged or deleted and repeated abuse will result in banishment.

5. Flaming / Personal Attacks - We will not tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks or self-promoting messages. Please refer to Rule #1. Repeated abuse will result in banishment.

6. Trolls - We will not tolerate anyone antagonising other forum members by posting potentially inflammatory messages. See Rule #1. Repeated abuse will result in banishment. Do not participate in a thread merely to criticize or mock the equipment choice of other forum members in the thread. Examples include Nikon shooters posting in Canon topic areas, Canon shooters posting in Nikon topic areas and anyone posting in any topic area where the result can serve only to insult and inflame regular participants in that topic area.

7. Harassment - Harassment of other forum members via Private Message, postings, emails or other means will result in immediate banishment and if serious enough, may be reported to the relevant authorities for their further investigation.


Not open for further replies.