Guidelines: Land/City-scapes and Travel Photo Gallery

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Jan 17, 2002
Please read and understand before posting in this gallery.

a) As the name implies, the purpose of the Land/City-scapes and Travel photo gallery is for members to share landscape/cityscape and travel photographs taken by themselves with other forum members. Please do not start a thread for the sole purpose of dicussion without any picture attached; that should be done in the discussion subforums, not the photo galleries.

b) Discussions on the photos or places related to the photos are welcome, as well as critics, unless stated otherwise by the thread starter. Please refer to this guideline on how to post a critic.

c) At all times, please refrain from posting personal or insidious remarks meant to degrade, humiliate or otherwise disparage a fellow member's postings (image or comments). Please keep the comments strictly pertaining to the image and not the member. Be nice to your fellow CSers. If in doubt, please refer to ClubSNAP's Terms of Use.

d) Please adhere to the guidelines for image dimensions & size.

e) Please refrain from posting multiple threads and too many pictures on the same trip. Be selective, and post only the best pictures for sharing with your fellow CSers. Post a link instead to your online photo album to share the rest of your pictures if necessary.

f) Moderators reserve the right to close/move/delete any threads or posts without notice.

g) Read here if you are not sure how to attach photos to a thread.

h) This guideline will be refined as time progresses.

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