Guidelines and Procedures for Member Non-Profit Mass Order Section


ClubSNAP Admin
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Jan 16, 2002
We have received many enquiries and requests to bring back what was once a very popular (and beneficial) feature of our Photography Community, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the revival of the Member-run Non-Profit Mass Order with its own dedicated section.

A Non-Profit Mass Order can be defined as one that is run primarily by an ordinary member to:-
  • share the cost of bringing in items that are not currently available in the local market; and/or
  • gather enough members to take advantage of special bulk discounts.

To avoid conflict with existing Mass Sales for products being sold by the current Advertisers, Non-Profit Mass Orders must comply with the following guidelines :-
  1. All pricings and costs must be posted for transparency in the thread. Members signing up for the Non-Profit Mass Order must be able to see exactly how much each of them are contributing/paying towards the fulfilment of the order.
  2. Threadstarter or person organising the Non-Profit Mass Order must provide his/her full name and contact details (and we reserve the right to sight an identity document if required).
  3. Threadstarter or person organising the Non-Profit Mass Order bears all responsibility to participating members in the event that there are disputes arising from the fulfilment (or non-fulfilment) of goods purchased via the Non-Profit Mass Order up to and including refunds of monies paid out or to provide a replacement product at no additional cost to participating members.

In addition, we reserve the right to disallow Mass Orders that are for products that can be obtained from the current Advertisers. We may require additional information from Mass Order organiser before approval in such instances.

For the purpose of the Non-Profit Mass Order, pricing and costs are defined as follows :-
  • Pricing - cost of the product or products to be purchased, including price breaks for bulk quantities. Eg. $100/pc if less than 5 pcs, $95/pc for 6-10 pcs etc.
  • Costs - all associated costs for the fulfilment of the order - shipping from source, tax, currency conversion, shipping to members.

  1. Only members who have registered with ClubSNAP for more than 30 days and/or have more than 50 posts will be allowed to create a Non-Profit Mass Order thread in this section.
  2. Qualified members can only organise ONE Non-Profit Mass Order every THREE months.
  3. Section will be moderated and threads approved by Administrators after verification and checking. It may take up to 72 hours for threads to be approved, and threadstarter may PM me or another Administrator for follow-up.

To assist in quicker approvals of Non-Profit Mass Order threads, please ensure that the following information is contained in the Non-Profit Mass Order thread submitted for approval:-

  1. Threadstarter/Organiser real name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Item Description
  4. Source
  5. Pricing
  6. Estimated Costs - shipping/freight, tax, currency conversion, collection/delivery, other costs
  7. All other pertinent information related to the ordering and fulfilment of the order

With that, we re-open the Non-Profit Mass Order section and we of course reserve the right to amend or to add to the guidelines based on feedback and observation of activities in this section.

Happy Ordering!

P.S. Before we forget, while we can try to minimise fraudulent activities and make it as transparent as possible, ClubSNAP cannot ultimately be responsible should any Mass Order activity that ends up with disappointed parties, thus as always Caveat Emptor and we strongly advise members to participate in Non-Profit Mass Orders with care and deliberation.


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Mar 24, 2003
Completed MO will be removed to prevent unfairness to advertisers.