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Nov 29, 2005
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1. Links to Pricelists
2. Retail: Local
3. Services: Repair
4. Services: Printing and Binding

Status: still editing and re-verifying old information


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Nov 29, 2005
Links to price guides (user maintainence)
to give credits for forumers who spent time/effort to initiate or maintain these threads, i have quoted their nicks here, but pls do not harassed them with pms with various requests and questions, thanks

Canon EOS mount
DSLR (from 2006 Mar, txv611, 184322)
Lens (from 2005 May, TechMage, 131801)
Accessories (from 2005 Sep, +evenstar, 154099)

Nikon F mount
All related equipments:
(from 2009 Jan, David Kwok, 458315),
(from 2007 Jun, Yatlapball, 292045), (from 2005 Dec, Cactus jACK, 151190)

Nikon Lens in HK Pricelist (from 2006 Apr, Kenikon, 189693)

Sony-KM Alpha mount
KM & KM-Compatible Lens Pricelist (from 2005 Sep, peppercrab1, 150657)

Pentax K mount
All related equipments (2007 Mar, Vulpix0r/fengwei, 259302)

4/3 mount
All related equipments (from 2006 Jan, Hacker, 171706)
Zuiko Lens (replaced) (from 2005 Oct, doubliewkay/hammer_400, 154596)

3rd party Lens
Sigma Lens Pricelist (2005 Aug, Hommie, 145126) replaced
Tamron & Tokina Pricelist (2005 Aug, Hommie, 145372) replaced
Tamron, Tokina, Sigma, Kenko Pricelist: 1 (2007 Mar-Jun, ortega, 264060), 2 (2007 Jul, ortega, 294311)

Compacts, Ultracompacts, Prosumers
Digicams pricelist (last updated 2004, threadstarter like supporters to refer to CNET asia for price check)

Other accessories
Lowepro bag (2005 Sep, EOS10D/+evenstar, 150613)
Kata bag (2007 Nov, xtemujin, 323664)
Crumpler bag Pricelist: part I (2006 Jan, EOS10D, 171428), part II (2006 Dec, ortega, 239812)
Filters Pricelist: part I (2006 May, LeaderXXX, 193352), part II (2007 Mar, Ortega, 263716)
Gitzo Tripod (2006 Feb, RonSS, 176019)
Tripod/head/bracket Pricelist (2006 Dec, 245908)

Photographic related electronics or computer accessories
Portable storage (from 2006 Apr, DikkieD, 2709386)

CF at Simlim Pricelist (latest) (from 2007 Jun, xtemujin, 285761)
CF Pricelist (from 2007 Aug, greenieadi, 3320729)
CF Pricelist (from 2006 Apr, EOS10D, 189426)
CF Pricelist (from 2006 Aug, NavarroOne, 2359884)
CF & SD Pricelist (from 2006 Apr, philipcs, 192431)


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Nov 29, 2005


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Nov 29, 2005
Buying locally: shop & agents listing

Retail Shop List in Singapore
List of better known shops in Singapore: (by Yatlapball, 2007 Jun)
Product listing from cathay photo

TK photo (Shaw/Beach Rd): (discussion)
Shaw Towers, #02-45, 62928167, 100 Beach Road,
wide range of product, fairly competitive price

John 3:16 (Funan): (discusssion)
best service and customer care, more honest than the other shops, look for Samuel

Lords (Orchard):
friendly service, good stocking records, but too near to other badly reputed tourist-cheating shops

MS photo (AMK): (discussion)
competitive price, less crowded, alternative for those located in the north, holds PPCP products

TCW Camera Workshop (Coleman Street):
good prices for grey set but take precaution what you are buying to avoid misunderstandings, do repairs with fair competition to Nikon Service Centre.

Cathay (Peninsula/Marina): (discussion)
widest range of professional products, but price is marked up for some

Alan photo (Funan/Simlim): discussion 1, 2
consider only for more common products, competitive prices, staff may not know much about photography, more of an camera-electronic retail shop like Harvey Norman

Orient Photo (Simlim): (discussion)
This is newly opened, hence i do not have direct purchases or experiences there. these guys are all chinese nationals, hence english speakers may need to be understanding. they carry grey products, i.e. without local warranty. feedback about service is mixed. there are issues raised to some of the products, raising some doubts. also cheaper pricing lies with expected (grey) and unexpected (not accepting nets at times) issues, so be careful. Tel: 63391035

Other camera shops in Simlim:
never my choice, first of all, they dun stock specialised items and photographic assessories. hence all you get is the compacts and some of the more common DSLR bodies. and if they can't stock in large amount, price can't be very competitive. and simlim dun give a piece of mind. read further in this thread and learn from some of the old tricks practised. be wary of the accessories and warranty types that come with the item. and be wary if you got a good price for something you want and have researched on and the shop later introduced something "better" which you have not have researched on the price - that is where the trap lies.

Less frequented shops but without much bad feedbacks
Paris Silk (Holland Village), Ruby



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Nov 29, 2005
9. Endonyms for brands and related backgrounds

Japan - Asahi Pentax アサヒ ペンタックス
Japan - Canon キヤノン
Japan - Cosina コシナ
Japan - Epson エプソン
Japan - Fujifilm 富士フイルム
Japan - Kobori 小堀
Japan - Konica コニカ
Japan - Mamiya マミヤ
Japan - Matsushita National Panasonic 松下パナソニック
Japan - Minolta ミノルタ
Japan - Nikon ニコン
Japan - Nissin ニッシン
Japan - Olympus オリンパス
China - Phenix 江西鳳凰光学
Korea - Samsung Techwin 삼성테크윈
China - Seagull 海鴎
Japan - Sigma シグマ
Japan - Sony ソニー
Japan - Yashica ヤシカ

*1 (KM) Konica and Minolta : under Sony
*2 Contax : Germany (lens from Zeiss) + Japan (body from Yashica)


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Nov 29, 2005
7. DSLR Brand resources

Well, this is something that changes with time all the time. Only a gear man can know all about what's best for all the different equipment, but i'm not one. Just posting a few common links that i used (mainly to review some specifications as well).

Classics & medium formats: The luminous landscape
Dpreview, fredmiranda, photozone, slrgear, imaging resource, Photography in Malaysia by leofoo

Nikon-Fujifilm F
Nikon equipments: Thom Hogan, Nikonians, Ken Rockwell (useful for quick decisive information for mainly nikon equipments)
Useful Reference for Nikkor Lens (by since 2002 May)
Good Websites for Nikon Users (by mjjphoto since 2003 Nov, 50394)
Firmware available (Nikon support)

Canon EOS
Canon EOS SLR system (by chaotic since 2003 Sep, 44948)

Konica-Minolta-Sony A from Mladen Sever

Pentax-Samsung K
Fengwei's Pentax Equipment thread
Recommended links from Fengwei

Olympus & other 4/3
Olympus E-System and Four Thirds FAQ (by jayan, digitalbuff, microcosm), Compatibility information
Panasonic Lumix FAQ (by JimDavis since 2005 Apr)

For forum based reviews, ortega has put up a thread here: do contribute if you find any good reviews.
Last but not least, Google is your best friend


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DSLR Models

New entries may have specifications that outperfom higher end predecessors, e.g. MP, sensor technology, AF speed. hence it is grouped in terms of features and control. Considerable overlap of different brands in different classes.

1. Entry & enthusiast level
2. Expert & semi-professional level
3. High end & professional level

Nikon-Fujifilm F

D40 (2006 Nov)
D40x (2007 Mar)
D60 (2008 Jan)
D70 (2003 Dec): FAQ from acroamatic
D50 (2005 Apr)
D5000 (2009 Apr)
D70s (2005 Apr)
D80 (2006 Aug): FAQ from psychobiologist
D90 (2008 Aug)

Finepix S1 Pro (2000 Jan)
Finepix S2 Pro (2002 Jan)
Finepix S3 Pro (2004 Feb)
Finepix S5 Pro (2006 Sep)
Finepix IS Pro (2007 Jul)
D100 (2002 Feb)
D200 (2005 Nov)
D300 (2007 Nov)
D700 (2008 Jul)

D2H (2003 Jul)
D2Hs (2005 Feb)
D2X (2004 Sep)
D2Xs (2006 Jun)
D3X (2008 Dec)
D3 (2007 Nov)

Canon EOS

1000D (2008 Jun)
300D (2003 Aug)
350D (2005 Mar)
400D (2006 Sep)
450D (2008 Jan)
500D (2009 Mar)

D30 (2000 May)
D60 (2002 Feb)
10D (2003 Feb)
20D (2004 Sep)
20Da (2005 Jun)
30D (2006 Mar)
40D (2007 Aug)
50D (2008 Aug)
1D (2001 Sep)
1Ds (2002 Sep)
5D (2005 Oct)
5D Mark II (2008 Sep)

1D Mark II (2004 Apr)
1D Mark II N (2005 Oct)
1Ds Mark II (2004 Nov)
1D Mark III (2007 Feb)
1Ds Mark III (2007 Nov)

Pentax-Samsung K

Pentax *ist D (2003 Feb)
Pentax *ist DS (2004 Sep)
Pentax *ist DS2 (2005 Aug)
Pentax *ist DL (2005 Jun)
Pentax *ist DL2 (2006 Jan)
Samsung GX 1S (2006 Jan)
Samsung GX 1L (2006 Feb)
Pentax K100D (2006 May)
Pentax K110D (2006 May)
Pentax K100D super (2007 Jun)
Pentax K200D (2008 Jan)
Pentax K2000 KM (2008 Sep)

Samsung GX 10 (2006 Sep)
Samsung GX-20 (2008 Jan)
Pentax K10D (2006 Sep)
Pentax K20D (2008 Jan)

Konica-Minolta-Sony A

KM 5D Maxxum (2005 Jul)
KM 7D Maxxum (2004 Sep)
KM Sony A100 (2006 Jun)
KM Sony A200 (2008 Jan)
KM Sony A300 (2008 Jan)
KM Sony A350 (2008 Jan)

7D (2004 Sep)
KM Sony A700 (2007 Sep)
KM Sony A900 (2008 Sep)

Olympus-Panasonic-Leica 4/3s

E300 (2004 Sep)
E330 (2006 Jan)
E400 Europe (2006 Sep)
E410 Europe (2007 Mar)
E420 (2008 May)
E450 (2009 Mar)
E500 (2005 Sep)
E510 (2007 Mar)
E520 (2008 May)
E620 (2009 Feb)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 (2006 Feb)
Leica Digilux 3 (2006 Sep)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 (2008 Aug) *
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 (2009 Mar) *
* interchangeable lens but no mirror/optical viewfinder

E30 (2008 Nov)
E1 (2003 Jun)
E3 (2007 Oct)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10 (2007 Aug)


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Buying locally: Agents specialising in certain products

Dry cabinets
Discussion: (2007 Apr)
- Digital Point at Suntec City
- Carrefour
- Am-Pro Corporation 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby E, #01-90 Ubi Techpark, S408564, Tel: 62356666, Fax: 67372112, Email:, Person-in-charge: B T Koh, Richard; Business Manager

Kata source
Contact by email:
Address: Union Building, 171 Tras Street #10-179, 079025
Phone: TEL + 65 6336 5601
FAX +(65) 6336 5701

Kata source
Gin Studio
Blk 1 Rochor Road
#03-510 Rochor Centre
Singapore 180001
Tel:+65 9452 6777


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Nov 29, 2005
Repair Centres and warranty issues

Technical support from camera manufacturers

Nikon Service Centre : Anson Road.
No. 80 Anson Road, Fuji Xerox Towers, #10-01/02, Singapore 079907
Tel (65) 6559 6363
Mon - Tue, Thru - Fri : 9:00am to 5:00pm; Wed : 9:00am to 8:00pm
Feedback URL

Nikon Club Singapore (technical support)

Information from manufacturer (sg) Warranty from USA, Canada, Australia & EU
Nikon Warranties: written by Thom Hogan and espn

Fujifilm Service Centre : New Industrial Road Map
10 New Industrial Road, Fujifilm Building Level 3 , Singapore 536201
Tel: (65) 6383 9933, General Enquires: (65) 6380 5540, Technical Enquires: (65) 6380 5557
Operating hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 7pm
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar MRT, Ang Mo Kio MRT, Aljunied MRT
Bus Services: Bus 80 from Aljunied MRT, Bus 24, 28, 43, 70, 76 from Paya Lebar MRT, Bus 22, 24 from Ang Mo Kio MRT, Alight at Bus Stop located near junction of New Industrial Road and Paya Lebar Road

Canon Singapore Pte Ltd : HarbourFront Map
1 HarbourFront Avenue, #04-01, Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632
Tel: (65) 6799 8888, website
Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30 am to 5.30pm (except public holidays), Open till 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Information from manufacturer (sg)
As stated from sg website, "All Canon digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras come with one local carry-in warranty." (2007 Jul 01)
And stated in the website, "Click here to see the list of countries that recognize the international warranty". If something is called international, it is international, i.e. at all countries where the product is sold. It is not up to the manufacturer to "recognise". In my opinion, that is as bad as cheating, for what is "international" is far from being international. We ain't asking for warranty recognised in Antartica to have it really international, but at least if there is any servicing centre or even a distributor, Canon ought to cover an international/worldwide warranty, and if not, call it by other names, not "international".

Sony Service Centre : Wisma Atria
Sony Service Reception, 435 Orchard Road, #04-01, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Tel: (65) 6473 6500, website
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)

Olympus Service Centre : High Street Map
1 North Bridge Road, #01-05/34/35, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Tel: (65) 1800-6596787, Instructions & directions
Operating hours: 11am - 7pm (Mon-Fri), 11am - 2:30pm (Sat)

Pentax-Shriro Service Centre
11 Chang Charn Rd #02-01 Shriro House, S159640
(65) 6378 8142 / 193, Email:, worldwide repair outlets
Opening Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #07-19 & 20 E-Centre@Redhill Singapore 159471
Tel:65-62739622 Fax:65-62746011, Email:, Sigma network

Discussion: 2006 Oct

Tokina Singapore Distributor: Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd.
315 Outram Road, #05-06 Tan Boon Liat Bldg., 0316 Singapore
Tel:65-6225-3788 Fax:65-6225-5990, Email:

Tamron Singapore Distributor: Tithes Marketing (S) PTE LTD.
66 Tannery Lane #04-01 Sindo Building, 347805 Singapore
Tel:+65 743 0055 Fax:+65 743 0031 Email:

Repair services from shopfronts

Camera Hospital : Bencoolen St.
91 Bencoolen St #01-67 Sunshine Plaza Singapore 189652
(65) 6336 0025

The Camera Workshop TCW : Coleman St.
The Camera Workshop, 3 Coleman Street, #01-31,
(65) 6336 1956 / (65) 6336 7808

Cam.X : Coleman St.
3 Coleman Street Unit #01-20 Peninsular Hotel Shopping Centre Singapore 179805
(65) 63391232

Repair services from individuals

Lens cleaning and fixing manual 35mm SLR camera: fatigue


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Service Listing: Printing

1. Just1book: Showroom/Retail, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, 11 Orchard Road, B1-48, DhobyX, Singapore 238826, Tel: 6746 8765,, E-mail: Contact Johnson Loke, open from 11AM to 9PM daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays.

2. Beautiful Memories: Stanford Road (sells Glory Workz stuff (look for Sanjay)

3. Kim Tian: 531 Upper Cross St #01-06 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531, Contact: 65381422, Email:, OPERATING HOURS: Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm, Sat 10:00am-7:00pm, Sun OFF, (across the famous "you ji mian"). Very good service and fast also. Look for Michelle or Peiyun when you get there, very pleasant ladies to work with. (from EJB)

4. Miao Laan Color Centre: Blk 154 #01-302 Bukit Batok St 11, Behind Mcdonald's and next to KFC, Tel: 65641062, Look for Kelvyn to help you.

5. Triple D
6. Grace
7. Konata (Penisula branch)
8. Fotohub: Suntec website
9. Colourlab


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Service Listing: Binding

Retail Binding Services in Singapore
1. Glory workz: 12 stirling road #30-13 S148955 , Tel/Fax 64736592 , HP 90079472
2. Beautiful Memories: Stanford Road (sells Glory Workz stuff (look for Sanjay)
3. Fotohub: Suntec website
4. Simple digital: blk 231 bain st #02-09 bras basha complex, facing NLB that row of shop.
5. IQ Industrial Pte Ltd: contact Kelvin Chean, email:, Hp: (65) 9455-1066, Tel: (65) 6456-1530
6. Ultra Supplies: Queensway Shopping Centre, #03-37/45, Tel: 64796074 (look for Eddie), 3 days service - S$15, 5 days service - $9.50, 1 day service - $40, 1 hour service - $80
7. Classic Book Binder: Blk 30 #03-92 Defu Lane 10, S539211, Tel 63824597, 62808720
8. nucolor: straddle stitch, does digital printing on their digital printer and than staple together for you
9. Shop at Whitesands Pasir Ris: that's one shop in whitesands pasir ris. 3rd floor
10. Selegie and Zap it at Causeway Point

Industrial/Commercial Printing/Binding Services in Singapore
(open currently to strictly Professional Wedding Photographers only on a business to business basis)
Kikuze: KiKUZE Solutions Pte Ltd
6 Aljunied Avenue 3 #01-02, Singapore 389932, It's a green-yellow coloured building, just look out for it and walk towards it. The entrance to our factory is near the security guard post side. If you enter from the side gate near the bus-stop, just walk straight towards the other side. Tel: +65 6746 8765, Fax: +65 6746 2550, E-mail: (Professional Wedding Photographers can contact nick: igpenguin at clubsnap regarding order details)

Album services in Overseas
Pixart (MY)
Art Leather (New York, USA): requires registration
Renaissance albums (New York, USA): requires registration, only for professionals
Capri album (New York, USA): requires registration
Lucid Dreams Photoalbum (Illinois, USA): Scrapebooks


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Buying locally: Attitude and tips

Personal experience: most shops listed here have non-exorbitant pricing but can be marked up variably depending on their profit margins. Try to do some homework before purchase, no matter how good they are to some forumers, there is always some occasions of less-than-honest incidents that may occasionally occur to a minority of customers.

However, please dun look at the lowest price over a time and expect every shop to give that price, thinking if they dun otherwise, they are cheaters. price fluctuates, and different shop who keep different level of stock also have different prices. it can differ up to $100 for some lens. and unless you are dead sure you are in no wrong and knows more, dun throw your temper and show your unpleasant behaviours in public thinking you are in the right to do so, be firm, not ugly. sometimes a lack of knowledge in some practice can lead to some misunderstanding, e.g. simlim and most photography/electronic shop, not dept stores, do charge 2% for credit card payments.

On the other hand, there are some shops that marked up more than 20% of the base market price (lowest retail price known at a given time) at an opportunistic level based on individual customers. This is not acceptable. Various problems arise with this kind of shops, but surely there will be some people who tell you that they never have any problems with that shop, and thus derivatively it is because they are smarter, wiser and more sociable than the majority of the customer base, and they will assume that those who got cheated is because they are rude thus deserved being cheated, didn't want to reseach before hand thus deserved being cheated, do not know how to bargain thus deserved being cheated. I can only say, you do not need to trust this people and if a shop is frequently plaqued by such complaints, avoid them and go for other shops that may be busy and keep you waiting but do not ignore you totally, and other shops who may routinely marked up below 20% of the base market price but offer consistent pricing and not rip you when they can.

Getting quotes.

I don't think there's any business in the world that exists to sell you things at the cheapest price. The goal of any business is to maximise profit. They can offer good service and convenience in lieu of the cheapest prices.

If you want the best price, you must be prepared to do your own legwork, and shop around, or ask around. Even then, the price given to one CS'er may not be available to you, for various reasons. A business may want to reward a loyal customer with special prices which may not be available to others. This is perfectly reasonable.

My usual modus operandi is to first find out what is the street price (and you can find this out on CS forums - there are sticky threads as well as ongoing discussions all the time). Then I call up and ask for the best quote (specifying whether or not GST is included, and getting the name of the person who gave me the quote) from various shops. Then just go down and pick up the item from the cheapest bidder. I make very clear on the phone that I am comparing prices, so that the person who answers the phone is motivated to give me the best possible quotation, in order to clinch the sale. What I don't do is say which shop quoted how much, because this merely pisses off the person on the other end of the phone, who simply has no way of telling whether or not I am lying just to get a cheaper quote. For some shops, I will ask specifically to speak to the salesman who knows me personally, so that I can squeeze him a little. But I understand that everyone has to earn a living, so I don't squeeze too much. Also, it helps me continue to get better prices in future.


How to protect yourself and your friends.

Write down the name, time and date of the call you have made. Armed with name, you will have a more solid case. And same thing. Ask your friend to be more firm. Also, try to have B&W. Email much more solid than call. B&W will stand up to scrutiny under the law if you really get upset. A phone call, unless you have recorded it (and even then it's questionable) most probably will not.


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Buying oversea

Be very careful when buying from overseas, check that you got your warranty and it is not a grey item or parallel import.
Take note of issues such as additional taxes, delivery time and charges, if not, you may actually lose out.
Take note of scams if ordering online from non-trustable sources, especially when it is cheaper than the country of origin which didn't make sense, such as this one from China.

Online Retailers
Malaysia: Shashinki (clubsnap), (main)
US: B+H (US), note abt sales tax, warranty, general help
US: Adorama (US)
UK: Robert White (UK)
HK: can consider their B+W filters, took about 1-2 weeks to arrive. look at this thread
US: Buydig recommended in this post

Link to shops pricelist & experiences among forumers
(please google or search in forum, this is not likely to be updated due to volatile changes)
Thailand, Bangkok: (2006 Dec: MBK), (2007 Jan: online catalogues)
Malaysia, KL: (2007 Jan)
Taiwan: (2007 Mar)
Japan: (2006 Dec), (2006 Dec), (2007 Jan)
Japan - Photoguide Japan: link, In Tokyo, you should check out fujiya camera in Nakano - just a couple of stations away from Shinjuku (from tetrode )
US: forum with B&S (local) Fredmiranda recommended in this post
China: PConline, not recommended, see this thread
China, Beijing: (2006 Apr), (2007 Jan: places to buy)
China, HK: Advices, Shop (Tin Cheung), 2006 Oct, 2007 Jan:warranty, 2007 Mar, Ydragon (there is a virus in the thread a long time ago, i'm not sure if it is still there, the list is extremely good, but just be careful if any virus turn up, not the BBB virus but true computer virus)
UK: 2007 Feb

Some tips from forumers

behyx, regarding Japan

"Go to yodobashi. The shop is located at Shinjuku. In Shinjuku station, look out for the airport limosine bus stop sign. Walk towards there, and you will go up to street level. Ask around where is Yodobashi camera shop. It's a huge camera shop around 6-7 levels. If you are not very sure, ask those electronic stores around it.. This was how I found the place. A salesman from another shop personally brought me to Yodobashi. That's how good their service are.

At Yodobashi, each level selling different stuffs, ie: 1st level camera and lenses, 2nd level studio equipments, 3rd level tripod and accessories, 4th level bags, etc... Very power one. All cameras are displayed out for you to get your hands on.. Try those ultra expensive camera you thought you can't afford..

I just got back 2 weeks ago, got a Nikon 85mm f1.8 for S$494! Awesome price compare to the local S$600 odd. Nikon 35mm f2 also around S$100 cheaper than Singapore! It's a damn good place to shop...

Visit online at ... Enter whatever equipment you want to in the search box. You can find their prices there. If you purchase more than 10,000yen (~S$130), bring your passport for immediate 5% tax-rebate (don't need to do it in airport )"


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