Guidance for shooting Sunrise/set using 300D

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Hi all,

The following pics are some sunset pics taken outside my home. They look terrible. Haha.. One mistake i realised is that my ISO is set to 400, i should have use ISO 100 if i'm not wrong. The sun came out either too glaring/undefined or the background is exceptionally dark.

The settings i used is:
-Av Mode: F16
-i pressed (*)AE Lock and point the center focusing square over different parts of the sky to try out but none of them turned out fine.

From my understanding, the moment i pressed (*), it would switch to partial metering for around 4secs and i should meter using the center square then half-press to lock the focus.
Am i doing the right thing?

What modes(Av,Tv,M,etc..) and settings (F?/ ?secs) did u guys use when shooting sunset/rise/moon. Did anyone use the compensation metering?(+/-)

Sun has no defined shape.

sun has no defined shape

Backgrd too dark.

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