GSA: Elementary Digital Imaging Course (2nd intake)

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Hi CSers,

we are recruiting students for our 2nd intake for Elementary Digital Imaging Course!

In the digital era for photography, mastering digital imaging/darkroom is a necessary skill to make you a complete photographer, regardless whether you are a hobbist or professional! Here at GSA, we teach you the basics as well as techniques used by professionals!

Course layout
1) Introduction to DI in Adobe Photoshop CS2
2) Basics of PS, Resizing & Rotating, Layering
3) Exposure Compensation & Flash Compensation, Dodging & Burning
4) Red-eye Removal
5) Colour Correction & White Balancing
6) Sharpening & Blurring
7) Grayscale Conversion & Duotone
8) Photo Repair I

Instructor: Thomas Yeo, a photographer (who will share his experience with you and best suit your learning needs as a photographer too!)

Course Duration: 12 hours+
Number of lessons: 6
Venue: Global Software Academy, 261 Waterloo Street, #04-07 Waterloo Centre
Time and dates: Every Wednesday 7.30pm or 8pm (to be decided after we have enough students)
Equipment required: None! We provide computers for you with original Adobe Photoshop installed!
Cost: $330 (inclusive of file, notes & certificate of attendance)
Contact person: Thomas 94799265, Chee How 96986597

Name list:
1) Reserved

We keep our classes small to teach you more efficiently and better! We will start lessons once we have 3 students in the class! Hurry!


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