Gretag Macbeth - How accurate is it??

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Oct 3, 2004
Ho Chi Minh City
I bought a GretagMacbeth last month and after calibrating my monitor, it seems too bright for me. ;(

After taking photos, all of them seems over-exposed but on my camera, it looks ok. And after adjusting my exposure, and print it out, they turned out to be too dark, unless I instruct the printer to use monitor colour matching.

Therefore, I was wondering how accurate is it??

This photo looks perfect on my monitor. Tell me if the exposure is off or on can?



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Jan 24, 2002
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The exposure looks ok with me.
Monitor matching? Lab printer will ignore this, it is useless for Frontier and Noritsu printers, as both brands of printer do not read embedded profiles.
You should use the printer profile provided by the lab to adjust the color to what you are expectating.

To add on, the goal of printer profile is to match your prints to your monitor. The viewing condition for the prints is also critical. Do take note that printer profiles are built for print viewing under some industry standard such as D50(~5000k) illumination.

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