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Jan 17, 2003
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I bought a Ridata 512MB SDCard 2 months back from the guys at, but it turned out that most card readers had problems reading it. I have tried 3 different USB card readers, all of which could read my Panasonic SD, but not the Ridata.

Well, I thought perhaps I should sell it off at a significant loss, but I had forgotten if the card was warranteed for 1 year or 5 years. So I called up flashcard-bestbuy, and when I explained why I wanted to sell the card, they immediately told me to bring it in for a 1-1 exchange. I was somewhat surprised, since I've had the card for 2 months already. But they said "No problem. Just bring it in". Well, not only did they exchange the card for me without even looking at my receipt ( which I brought with me ), but they bent over backwards to make sure that the replacement card was the card I wanted ( it was a different brand ). And on top of that, they were quite apologetic that I was "inconvenienced".

Wow...great service ! I think both this flashcard-bestbuy ( aka Wisdom Light ) and Eastgear ( which also provides great service ) should get some kind of good-customer-service award. Or at least, an acknowledgement from a satisfied customer. Kudos and Thanks !

Just thought I ought to give credit where credit is due. No , I don't work for them, but I was just pleasantly surprised. I frequent Sim Lim Square, and I'm used to black faces from shop keepers and their Ah Beng assistants. So these guys are refreshingly different. I'll definitely get more stuff from them in future.

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