Graduation OUTDOOR Casual Shoot

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Jun 10, 2007
Hi all,

My graduation ceremony is on 5th July 2007 and I'm looking for a photographer with good suggestions/angles on outdoor poses for myself in my gown, parents and maybe bf. NOT looking for the traditional studio portrait shots.

Timing would be 4-7pm (negotiable).

Quality of shots/photos, uniqueness and ability to make me and my family comfortable during the shoot is important to me.

Please email me your rates for
(1) the shoot itself
(2) 1 + photo editing
(3) 2 + coffee table book w/o layout
(4) 2 + coffee table book with layout/story-type charges

as well as your online portfolio. Feel free to email any other package type combinations alternatives you might have.

Rates are not a key deciding factor. Thanks. :)

Not open for further replies.