[GPS] Now, Where Were We….Oh, Right Here!

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Apr 1, 2005
Singapura, Singapore
So in our continuing search for the best geotagging systems, we spoke with some folks from Geotate in Las Vegas, who have developed technology which will now be in the next gen of point and shoot cameras.

They are working with a company called Altek, one of the major manufacturers of digital cameras that a bunch of brands put their name on. Oh, don’t worry..that’s how most of it happens. One company develops and makes a product that can be branded by a specific company. Like Kodak. Or Sony.

Take a look and listen to some of Geotate’s technology:



Here’s a prediction: the only thing left for the camera industry to do to entice another sale of a point and shoot camera IS Geotagging.

The megapixel race is done, enough colors are available, the sensors are getting better but there is just so much you can put in that size unit, and the screen has taken up almost all of the real estate on the camera back.

So what else is there? I know…smile detection, face detection, blink detection, and more. But there is a bigger experiential factor added with geotagging.


Geotate interview

We interviewed Hans Streng, CEO of Geotate about geotagging, GPS and naturally about their application. A pleasant talk about a near future subject.


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