Got a PDA problem

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Seems that I can't download emails via GPRS anymore.

Using Singnet BB and dialing up via M1's Mobilenet.

The mobilenet still usable if I want to surf the web via GPRS (Advice: dun. Gonna cost ya) but when I launch my email program in the PDA (Versamail v.2.0), can't d/l the email (used to be able to until recently)

Asked the people in Singtel and M1... no solution. Seems that the problem is the Singnet mail is blocking my access into their server.

PDA: Palm T|T
Email s/w: Versamail 2.0
Using GPRS from M1, dialup by M1's Mobilenet

Anyone can help me with it?

Dun want to change my phone's service provider to singtel leh... very expensive for me...



just downloaded my emails on my PPC from Singnet mail server thru M1 Mobilenet... doesn't seems like they are blocking the access... but do take note that outgoing mail is blocked for Mobilenet connections...



Originally posted by SniperD
this is all so strange....

Keraptis... what's your settings like?
i'm using an iPAQ so the settings might be a bit different from urs...
as for the APN... i'm still using "Mobilenet" and it's confirmed that this APN is still working....
i'm using a T68i... and i'm dialling via my BT DUN connection....
dial no.: *99***<CID>#

i'm using a software called @Mail to download my Singnet emails...
incoming server is configured as ""
the settings is pretty standard... no special configuration to it...

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