Good read: "Who's Afraid of SLR cameras?"

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Apr 25, 2002
link from Nikon Singapore... good introductory read for those planning or getting into SLR photography.

"Who's Afraid of SLR Cameras?"
Written by KUMON, Yasushi

Some excerpts...


After you bought your first Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera and learned how to use it, perhaps your pictures did not come out as you had expected they would.

Do you know why ? Ask yourself two(2) questions :

Q.1.: Do you let the camera choose all the settings ?
Q.2. : Are you letting the camera do all the work ?

Modern cameras are so remarkably efficient and adaptable that you can take a decent picture just by letting the camera take control. But even with all the modern features available you still might not get the quality of photo you expected from your SLR camera.

Could it be because you don't feel that you are the one who actually took the picture? Could it be that you feel the camera took the picture for you, that all you did was press a button?

Making mistakes and errors when taking a photograph "manually" can be very frustrating.
But aren't these mistakes and errors part of the fun of photography ?
Here, we will discuss how to really enjoy taking pictures and taking them with ease.
After reading this article and handling and holding the camera, you can take your world of photography to a higher level.

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