Going to Melaka today.....

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May 11, 2002
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Hi Siew Phone,

Try taking new angle shots of the old architecture of the red bildiongs in Malaka. .......

Its pgiotographed often but .......try coming out with original angles.........

And slso take photos (candid of the street artists).



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Feb 8, 2002
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Greetings SiewsPhone,

This might be a little late for ye but here're some places you'd might want to take a look while you're up there.

Here's a map for reference:

Places worth going:
Christ Church: That 'famous' red building with the big clock.
Things to look out for: Architecture, Fancy Trishaws, Souvenior stalls, Grreat Chendol shops, Touts peddling pictures with Iguanas and Snakes.
Walk past Christ Church and you'll reach St. Francis Xavier's Church. Tons of photo ops everywhere.

St Paul's Church: An antiquated roofless ruin. It's situated on top of a hill just behind Christ Church. Bring your wide angle lens!! Go around 4-5pm and the Sun will cast gorgeous shadows over the rock slabs (you know what i mean when you get there).
Things to look our for: THE Busker. He's fantastic. Can sing any song, in any language. The view of Malacca town when you're up there is excellent on a clear day. Good vantage point to take photos. Do look out for the pasar malam stalls on Sundays.

You might also want to explore the surrounding areas south of the river. There're tons of 'historical' buildings.. good for architecture shots, but low on people shots.

To take interesting people, you'll need to go up north of the river.

You'll see a river beside Christ Church. It's right behind a brown-ball shaped Chendol stall. Buy a chendol before you cross the river. You won't regret it.

Once you've crossed the river, you'll need to walk towards your left. You should see an old (soon to be relocated) UOB branch there. The road you should look out for is Jalan Hiang Jebat, aka Antique Street. It's the one with the traffic heading right towards you.

Walk right down and stop at every shop. :)

Things to look out for: Chicken Rice Balls. More Chendol Stalls. Antique Shops, Roadside stalls, temples, mosques, peranakan museums, little hidden eateries with good food, people of all shapes and sizes. Had on average 2 bowls of Chendol everyday.

The adjacent road, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock is good too, but not as varied. Some very old Chinese shop-houses there.

But heck, part of the fun is to explore your way around that area. ;) Took some of my best shots in the back alleys around there. The folks are very friendly and most are willing to pose for you. But always bring your smile and ask permission first. Basic courtesy lah.

Was lucky enough to catch some kids at play at a playground across the Independence Memorial towards the shopping center. There was something like 2 dozen tudung-clad kids sprawlled all over a pyramid web, and they were as excited as i was when i approached. Imagine: 20-odd kids in red and white uniform, laughing and gangling from everywhere in the playground, cast against a clear blue sky. Wide angle madness.

It's quaint and very lovely - probably influenced by my peranakan roots. Might do a short writeup on the place. Need a scanner to digitize ma slides though.. :(

enjoy your trip!

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