Going to Beijing... what do i use? pls advise

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Jan 23, 2008
Hi All

Ok, am kinda new to this dslr photography.. i bought a used Olympus e500 many mths ago, at a good price, came with one basic lens - the zuiko 14-45.

now, i am going to Beijing on tuesday, attedning some olympic events.. and wondering if i should get maybe a second hand zoom lens?

also, the flash on my olympus is busted.. and i was quoted $160 form olympus to fix it.. i dont think its worht that.. shall i just get an externam falsh and hook it onto my camera instead? and also, i probably taking most pics in the daytime.. so do i even need a flash?

my idea was to learn as much can using this camera, then one day upgrade to a Canon EOS D40 or something like that..

i mostly take scenic shots, and of my dogs

thanks for any advise!!


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