Godox X1T S High Speed Sync Issue


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Dec 14, 2005
Hi Guys,
I am having some High Speed Sync issue with my Godox X1T S Flash Trigger for Sony. The Flash Trigger is Version 14. I tried to use my A7R II on Manual Mode, The X1T S is also set to manual and my AD400 is on Manual. At 1/60 Sec, It fires Correctly. When I switch to 1.80 Sec, I see the Shutter at 1/3 of my horizontal frame. My Sony A7R II camera is set to Fill-Flash and I don;'t think I miss out anything.

If I toggle the Flash trigger to TTL mode, the flash seems to work well. Even at 1/500 sec, it fires correctly.

Can someone advice what have I done? I begin to question myself whether the X1T S supports HSS or not.

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Err...when you set to fill flash it's TTL but your flash and trigger is in manual. So in theory in manual any shutter speed below sync speed which is 1/160 sec. for sony 7r2 will fire and work. When you set set trigger to TTL camera can do HSS.

Also do note there is a camera system delay due to design of about 0.3 sec which is a known issue. Newer models may have improved on this.