Godox V850


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Feb 18, 2012
Godox V850 Li-ion Camera Flash.


Li-ion battery Brings Big Changes
* 1.5 recycle time at full power, beyond any competitors
* 650 full power pops with single Li-ion battery pack
* Less bulky, less heavy, no hassle but more convenient

High Speed Sync + Power & Trigger Control
* Use high speed trigger (e.g. CellsII) to achieve up to 1/8000s synchronization between Vflash and camera at any power level
* Use optional FT-16S to wirelessly control Vflash power ratio, focus assist beam, sound beep, and triggering.

Super Value Flash & Battery Compact Combo
* Single Li-ion battery provides the power equivalent of 12 AA batteries.
* No external pack and fewer charger is needed.
* Less money for compact bulk and more benefits.
* Charging preparation is no longer tedious and long waited.

Stable Output & Good Lighting
* Stable light output & color temp. during successive shooting.
* Output will not decrease with each pops.
* Through the premium Fresnel lens, the light is well diffused.
* Light ouput of all four corners bear tiny differences.
* Light decays gently from the center to the corners

Withstanding Overheat & Useful Functions
* GN58 (m ISO 100). Overheat occurs after thousands of low-output pops or after 20 full power pops.
* Power adjusts from 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3rd increments
* Useful functions include Manual zooming, MULTI flash, M/S1/S2 flash, matrix focus assist laser beam.
* Charged with AC or car charger (2.5~4 hrs). Easily check battery life from LCD panel or charger.

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Apr 7, 2009
How much does it cost?
Compatible with Nikon?