Goddess of Mercy's Lotus

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A monk wrote some kind of buddhist script on this lotus plant. From stem to leaves. No parts are uncovered with the scripts. Imagine the patiences required of doing this. Too impatient he will hurt the plant badly. This pot of plant can be found at a corner of the Goddess of Mercy's temple near Sim Lim Square.



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Oct 26, 2003
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i think there is a art exhibition there inside the temple. it was on tv. a artist wrote scripts on a leaf.

another one is a artist wrote with alphabat, but arrange them in such a way it looks like charms, think it is also exhibt there.

Aug 16, 2005
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It would be great if the plant were in the same frame as the Goddes Guanyin....or the temple:)
The plant against the figure carved onto the wall dosent really reflect about buddhism for those who are not into it.

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