Glow, Cross Light & Sky Ladders

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Aug 12, 2006
Hi all,
Managed to get my laptop LCD repaired in China (at a very low price ;p). Thus took some shots out to PP. Enjoy~ C&C are most welcome!

1) Took this shot in Suntec where the renovated section is reopen. Named it Glow cos the bit of light glowing from the top attracted my attention. Tried to cropped it, but feel the shot as a whole is nicer and the ambience around it is essential to bring out the glow.

2)Took this shot while buying bus ticket to China (again!!!). Simply love the structure of the ceiling at the Hong Kong International Airport. Named it Cross Light because of the light seeping in from the "cross" like architecture.

3)Took this shot while waiting for the bus to move out and also had a smoking break. This is the new bus terminal located in the airport for various destination. Feel the design of the window panes look like the ladders leading to the sky. Thus, the name, Sky Ladders.

That's all folks~ ;)

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