Gimme some ideas for World Photo Day 2005

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Hi everyone! :lovegrin:

I need some ideas on what I should take for World Photo Day which is on 1 June 2005! I gotta send a picture in to my CCA in school. Wondering whether you guys can gimme some great ideas on what I should shoot on.

Ok this is what my school advisor has mass sent to the members on my NYAA Club... Read it and share some ideas!!!! :D

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Dear avid photographers

Our world is both diverse and exciting. What do people do at breakfast, at mid-day or at night in different parts of the world? The World Photo Day 2005 Project aims to reveal the way people live throughout the world. It will show the different life styles and practices of people.

This project's intent is to get the people of the world to see what each other do on a typical day. It will also reveal that although our situations may be different, we all share very many common traits. Hence on one specified day in 2005, photographers from all over the world will capture what people do as they go about their daily business. To help to promote World Photo Day NASA will ask the crew of the International Space Station to take a photo of earth from the space station as well.

In Singapore, the NYAA Council and the NYAA Young Photographers' Network invite all young people in Singapore to submit one photo of life in Singapore taken on Wednesday, 1 June 05 for the World Photo Day 2005 Project.

Why are you doing this project ?
This project's intent is merely to get the people of the world to see and experience each other on a typical cay and to show, although our situations may be different, we all share very common traits. Whenever you go, we all seek out the same things in life: primarily peace and happiness.

How many photos may I submit?
Submissions are limited to 1 photo per person.

Who holds the copyright to the photos?
The copyrights to all the photos are held by the indivivual photographers. They will not be sold, copied, or distributed without the direct consent of the image creator.

Size of photo
Size limits are as follows: maximum width: 800 pixels, minimum width : 300 pixels.

Items related to everyday life, people, situations, occurences, happenings, and events pertaining to our human existance are of importance here and would be appreciated, in keeping with the project's overall goal of depicting everyday life as it occurs in the world on just one single day. Do not send photos of birds, pets, beautiful sceneries, etc.

What type of camera can I use?
Any type of camera can be used. Keep in mind that if you are not using digital, you need to make timefor development, scanning and submitting of images withing the project's time frame of 1 Jun 05, 8am - 11pm.

How do you know that the pictures submitted were taken on the project date only?
Honesty is all that can be relied on.


Pls save your digital photograph in a CD and send it to the NYAA Council. If you're not using the digital format, you can also submit your photo (hard copy) to the NYAA Council before 11pm on 1 June 05. No photograph will be accepted after 11pm.

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Many thanks!!!!!!


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you can meet me & we can take a picture together... ;p

seriously thou.. its about anything & everything, its not about winning but participation... just take a picture you like most and just post it... maybe you can take a pic of your mom cooking... your pet pestering you...


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lil_princess said:
... to submit one photo of life in Singapore taken on Wednesday, 1 June 05 for the World Photo Day 2005 Project...
generate your ideas from here

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