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Sep 27, 2006
If you’re like most folks, you probably picture the content of Adobe’s Creative Cloud as akin to the old Creative Suite, a collection of desktop applications for creating professional quality print and digital projects. But what a lot of folks overlook is the fact that the Creative Cloud also includes an increasing number of services that tie applications together and extend their features. For example, about a year ago in early 2015, a new service called Creative Cloud Libraries was launched. CC Libraries have functions similar to traditional graphic object libraries that have been around in applications like InDesign for many years. You can use them to store, organize, and re-use graphics and page elements. But CC Libraries also have some unique and powerful features that go way beyond traditional libraries. For starters, they work in Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC as well. So you can add and update assets in any application and instantly use them in the others. Library items that started in InDesign can be placed into Illustrator (as live text and objects) and Photoshop (as PDF Smart Objects). CC Libraries can also contain colors that you can create with any of the desktop applications or with mobile [...]
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