getting rid of the third party..

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can anyone pls teach me how to remove and extra person from a group photo? i'd be using photoshop 7..

this person juz so happened to appear out of nowhere and conveniently inserted himself into the photo..

pls help..

thanks! :embrass:


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Jan 18, 2002
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is he the infamous Man U fan that happily pose for team pic with the team during one of the champion league match? :D

It can be done using PS7, mainly using cloning to "replace" the person.

It can be done be lasso out the group and paste onto a clean background.

You may need lots of paitence to do this. A "pen" will be useful instead of a mouse.

Good luck.

haha.. no no no.. it's juz a simple group photo of my frens and this kid jumped out of nowhere behind us.. :)

err.. i dun really get wat u mean leh.. care to explain a bit more on the methods pls? :embrass:


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Jul 8, 2002
Zoom in down to 100% or more and use both the clone tool and healing tool to duplicate parts of the background and erase that guy from the pic.

thanks so much for ur help! :)

i've managed to get rid of the 3rd party! :p

however, i've oni made use of the 'healing' tool to imitate the background..

didn't make use of the 'clone' tool leh.. can anyone tell me how the 'clone' tool should be used pls?

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