Getting a hp and signing up a mobile plan...

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Hi; need input from the more knowledgable.

What do I need to know if I'm getting a hp and signing up a mobile plan with shops like Cellstar?

I heard of paying deposits and such; can you help me by explaining it to me?

TIA! ;)


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Jan 18, 2002
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I did sign up a 1 year plan (more than 2 yrs back) with one of those shops like Cellstar (mine is CostTyre). I bought a 8210 during that time and it is cheaper than what Singtelshop is selling. However, I need to pay a $100 deposit, which is refundable after 1 year due to the 1 year plan then.

To get back the deposit, you need to show documentary proof of your purchase (receipt) as well as the latest bill reflecting that you have paid up all the outstanding amount. You also need to bring along your IC.

Signed up in beginning June and got my cheque of $100 1 year later around end of July.

Note: I also upgraded my plan from pod zoom to premium 700, which is free of charge. However, if you complete your plan and decide to downgrade, an administrative charge of $10 will apply.

My opinion is to buy from those which do not require any deposits due to the reason that if the shop closes down before your plan is up, you may not be able to claim back the deposit.

Hope that helps. :)


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Feb 4, 2002
Buy direct from the telecos would be the best.

$100 - cost of travelling, time - risk --> worth it? Nah.
Besides, these stupid small shops aren't really known for selling accessories at their "correct" price, and may try to normalize their bottom line. :D

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