Get Canon ixus 30 or Pentax Optio S30?.. & abt shops.

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Nov 28, 2004
Canon ixus 30 is $515 (havent buy spare batt)
Pentax Optio S30 is $340.

Both of these cameras somehow meet all my requirement for a "decent" camera. However, the price different between them is great. Thus I would like to further ask for advice from you all.

Strong points of one over another:
1. Pentax is cheaper by a whopping $200.
2. Canon uses proprietary batt (150 shots) which i dont fancy for.
3. Canon is smaller in size and has a large 2.0" LCD.
4. Canon has AF assist... but is it a good selling point? I know nuts.
5. Canon has a much faster startup, shutter and operation than Pentax.

So if you were me, which camera would your choose?
So far I know nuts about the image quality of both camera...esp for low-light and night shoot. Please advise on anything you know about these 2 cameras.

Btw, are those camera shops in Sim Lim reliable?
Is it safe to buy from just any shop there?
How about the shops at Peninsular?

Which is your recommended shop so far?
People always say Cathay, John, and Alan... but I see nothing great in their customer service.
Today I went Alan and Cathay.
I can say that only Alan bother to serve me.
Cathay treated me like transparent.
Well, my dressing is right and I dont look like those who can't afford a camera.
But of coz, there were many customers in the shop.

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