Get a CF Tripod or Good Ball Head 1st or Keep My Giottos Head?

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Nov 30, 2004
Due to some budgeting, I can only get a CF tripod or a Kangrinpoche NB3-A head 1st.
Using for the tele lens in my sig. Tripodless now. Wanna try nature shooting.
So which one should I get 1st?
Or should stick to my present Giottos MH-1000 fitted with manfrotto QR 323 Adapter?
The original MH-200 still with me.

An drew

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May 27, 2005
Of course its best to have both.

Personally I think you need a good ballhead first (the bigger, the better, isn't NB3 a little small? consider NB2 or others). Good ballhead allows friction control which is critical to nature photography with fast moving subjects. Good long lens technique will allow you to get sharp shots even with an average tripod although your success rate will be lower. But without a good ballhead, it's hard to frame and move with the subject steadily. Your lens can also easily flop over if ballhead is no good.

Good luck.

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