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Feb 20, 2004
Cat thrown out of flat because owners adopted a dog

"I will never forget the kindness you have shown me by saving me from the streets when I was a little girl when my mother never came back after she went in search of food."

"I have been a good girl, doing my business in the box-toilet."

"I have learnt not to scatch the furniture."

"Every day I would sit by the window, waiting for you to come home and watching the birds on the railing of the common corridor."

"Last week you put me outside the door. I was excited and scared as I have never wandered out of the house before."

"You close the door. I was frightened. I meowed and in desperation, I scratched on the door. It remained shut."

"I am very scared. I sat by the door and waited. I was so happy when it finally opened. I wanted to run in...into my home...but why....why...did you kick me out?"

"I saw the puppy you brought home last week. I wanted to be his friend."

"What have I done wrong?"

"Please let me in....please...I am so frightened out here on the corridor..I don't where to pee and to poo..."

if you or you know of anyone who's keen to adopt Beauty, pls PM me for more details. thanks.

Jun 2, 2002
hErE lAh
Reading it and viewing the pictures really made my face burn with anger! :angry:

I would love to but I got 2 male cats at home :(

I hope she finds a GOOD home soon.

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