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Apr 6, 2006
as mentioned..
1) general Q: is a 4R photo = to any resolution ? 1024x864? o actually any size but squeezed into a 4R printed zone? I was trying to send in my pics in a cd den print it out in e local photo developing outlet, but all e pic size r ranging from 320x240 to 1632x1224:bigeyes: . Any diff?

2) for a normal digi cam, which brand & model comes at a better catch in terms of price, quality? I going for close-up not macro, and long distance. Natural rich color quality cos i had seen pics taken by a canon and a panasonic, tts a difference:bheart: . But of cos, e storage medium as well + battery life (diff between using 2 AA and 4 AA for operations)

can someone enlighten me:angel: . thanks

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