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Dec 15, 2003
Hi there,
I haven't seen any general guidance for post-processing RAW images.
Ok, so let's assume that we shoot in RAW with a dSLR for example (personally, I use a D70).
Once on the PC, there is some basic batch processing to do with our RAW images.
I'm still experimenting and would like some feed back from more advanced digital dark room users...
Even if I know that it depends very much on you, your needs and your camera and even your lens, I would like to summarize all the steps that can be done 'in general':

1. Rename your file, and save a copy of the RAW file somewhere before modifying it.
2. crop (optional)
3. correction of exposure (optional)
4. correction of contrast (optional)
5. correction of colors (optional)
6. Interpolate to a higher resolution (using Genuine Fractals plug-ins for example) -> this is probably necessary only for printing.
7. Noise correction (optional)
8. Sharpen

This is only a starting point. Please correct, complete and suggest me changes.
Also please tell me if these operations are in the right order.

I think this kind of guidance is particularly useful when you want to submit your work the stock photography and professionals in general...

Also, if you have Action files for PS to suggest, that would be more than welcome...
Thank you. :cool:


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Jan 18, 2002
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In my workflow, I generally correct exposure, contrast and colour altogether using Levels adjustments in PS. If the lighting is tricky, I will use curves ocassionally.


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Jan 11, 2004
Perth, W. AU
My post-processing workflow is:
  • Save a copy of RAW - use temp photo for post-processing and delete afterward
  • In C1 Phase 1 - Adjust output sharpness, WB, Exposure level
  • Export Raw to JPG
  • PS: Crop if necessary
  • Done


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Oct 9, 2002
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my workflow:

i never shoot raw..too big :)

save the original files straight from the cam to somewhere

make a copy of the files to somewhere else. then work on this copy

1. crop
2. sharpen
3. resize to the size for web
4. sharpen again
5 adjust brightness,contrast
6.adjust colour (RGB) or just simply convert to black n white
7.then to play with special effects, if i want

all this is done simply with irfanview v3.8 coz i still dunno how to use photoshop..too cumbersome :bsmilie:

this is the first time i hear of interpolate to higher quality..must try it out :think:

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