Gear suggestion for "Siem Reap"


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Jan 28, 2010
I'm planning for a trip to combodia and visiting "Angkor Wat" temples. I currently have a 500D and the primary lens I use is 18-200. I also own a 28-85 lens.

I'm looking at clicking some portraits, ruins and temples. I was planning to upgrade my lens with a Canon 10-22 to shoot temples, and a 50mm for portraits.

PLease suggest If I need to go for these lenses, or my current kit should be good to go ?

Also I have a couple of FD lenses, Canon 135 & Conon 35 mm. Is there any way I can use this and should be good to go ?


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Apr 17, 2007
Somewhere North
On my trip to Siem Reap.... i use my 100-400mm the most, as I like my portraits natural and not knowing I was even there. With 17-55mm as my walkabout lens.

Like most already suggested.... I would bring 18-200mm for everyday use, 10-22mm for temple and 50mm for low-light (most part of the temple isn't well lighted) and portraits.

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