Gazing at someone in the darkness


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Jan 4, 2020

Sony A7M3
Samyang 135mm F1.8 MF
Natural light + LED
Dry ice used


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Apr 2, 2004
For most of us, we probably didn't have the talent to draw exceptionally well. By chance, we picked up a camera which is the most powerful piece of equipment that can help us do that, but what exactly constitutes to being a compelling portrait? A beautiful face, good lighting and a good composition do not make a picture more attractive.

Often, photographers use our eyes to look for good compositions. No, that's not enough. What does your mind see? If you have no answer other than the beauty shot you're trying to do, is overrated. If you can feel your images, then only others can get to experience the emotions you feel. then, we can shoot images that can shape the future, relationships between people.

No, I didn't think yours was good, pardon a harsh and brutal feedback. I see a girl leaning over the sofa with her right ear popping out like a sore thumb. The dry ice effect. What for? What did the effect do to help you in the story telling? Yes, I see some expensive equipment you're using.

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