Gateway to the Past...


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Aug 14, 2010

I will like feedback on the composition.
Is the fencing too distracting?
I shot this on f/3.5 which was the maximum for my lens. I used a very simple filter from Lightroom to achieve this effect.

I would like to give off a feeling of wanting to go back to the past but is not able to..

The old chair swing give off a feeling of oldness as you would not be able to find this anymore. And the fence is also quite antique-ish.

Is there any areas which I can improve on?:sweatsm:


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Mar 11, 2004
Isn't the fencing part of your composition? So how can your subject matter be too distracting? It should rightly be attracting no? lol. Why aren't we able to go back to the past? Why do we want to return to the past? What's so special about this swing? Is there an unique joy to it, is an older swing design more enjoyable? What memories does it hold? And it's just a gate, is it locked? Can we climb over? Since the gate is of an older design, it means it's part of the past, if so then aren't we already in the past just by standing next to it? What is the Past actually?

Don't worry, not expecting answers to those questions. It's just my internal thought process to bring across imagination brought about by your limited interpretation.

Composition-wise, you need to isolate your subject matter better. Utilise the KISS technique. Messy background. And don't use your fence to play peek-a-boo with the swing, can hardly see it!

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