Gaffer Help Required!

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I have gotten a roll of gaffer tape passed on to me by another clubsnapper. This gaffer was from Canturn MO.

Gaffer experts,

1) do you have problem of the gaffer unable to stick to another underlying gaffer? I have gaffer overlapping gaffer but they refuse to stick together for long period of time.
2) I also have problem of the gaffer sticking for prolong period to the camera itself! It just keep peeling off.

Is this roll of gaffer faulty?

Any help is appreciated here.


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Nov 30, 2004
My gaffered D70s body & lens hood, the tape will peel off itself after long period.
Especiall the end part & some over lapping part or curve on the cam body & hood.
I just took press back the peel part when i saw.

This is very irritating actually. Especially when you pack and unpack from the camera bag and especially when on the go and you take the items out fast and keep it fast, the gaffer would just peel off and worse, stick to other parts of the bag and become very messy after a while. In the end, have to go back home and reapply the affected gaffer.

The same problem with the gaffer unable to stick to the lens or camera body itself...

Any solution?


Jul 9, 2005
Give your cam body a good wipe then try gaffering again, could be due to some oily surface. Mine doesnt peel off actually, still looks the same since day 1.

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