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Feb 15, 2005
Yesterday at a MSCP, I was going towards my car. I passed a picanto (SFS plate) stopped slanted blocking the one way lane of the MSCP. One woman and a man were quarrelling.

As I passed, the man politely called out to me. "Excuse me sir"

Me: Yes?
Man: The woman's car has broken down and blocked my path to move my vehicle out
Me: uh huh?
Man: since it's a manual, I suggested pushing it aside so that I can move off
Me: You need my help to push?
Man: No, I need you to explain to her that pushing her car won't spoil her car!
Me: ( Piangz! turning to aunty and told her politely since she aint blocking my car) uh it's ok for the car to be pushed.
She: No No, my husband coming he will decide what to do.
Man: Her husband says he will be here about 40 mins.
She: Just wait a while..

Seeing that no other cars can pass through since the picanto was slanted as if coming out of a lot

Me: But you will be blocking all other cars in this path.
She: Now not much cars
Man: (cursing at the side)
Me: How about calling your husband to verify it is alright to push.
She: (Pissed) Can't you all wait, It's not my fault the car cannot move.
Man: (Angrily) Just call your husband and ask, I am in a hurry you are wasting my time.
She: Why are you so rude?
Man: You are the one who is unreasonble..yada yada
She & the man are now shouting at each other over the same points

A lorry just came up behind the picanto wanting to pass but can't.
The man walks up to the lorry and explained the situation (hopefully gather support for his cause)

The lorry uncle after hearing him out, walked towards the picanto, open the unlock driver door & got in, shouted
"Lai ah, Tu Chia" (Come, push the car) close the door and waited for us to push.

All of us were shocked. But not as shock as the woman.
We recovered faster and started pushing the car as the uncle steer into a empty lot.

All this while the woman was following behind us and shouting "Stop Stop Stop!"

The 3 of us walked to our cars and waved to each other as we moved off. All with grinning ear-to-ear. Lucky for us, the woman's car wasn't locked

Moral of the story.
Sometimes being polite or reasonable gets you nowhere.
If you need to get things done, you need to get your hands dirty.
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Oct 22, 2005
;) Very interesting article. I rarely laugh recently and this one is good. Ha ha ha..:D


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Jan 8, 2007

uncle lorry driver saved the day!

btw, I laughed my ass out!

made my day.


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Nov 14, 2005
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
maybe "She" see "Me" and "Man" easy to bully so bully lor... then "lorry uncle" came and "She"'s scared of lorry driver, so dare not bully.

who knows, the "Husband" may not exist at all... :think:


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Aug 23, 2005
hahaha, the lady paranoid lah, scared car spoil, its more like, if dunno dun do anything better...i dun entirely blame her.. but the lorry uncle steady!

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