Funeral Videography Services


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Aug 7, 2020

This is Cassandra here :)

I know the above header might come across as a sensitive content to some, however I believe that it is a beautiful memory to capture down the very last journey of our loved ones so that they can be remembered fondly in us.

I started making funeral videos or even montages since 2018 back when I lost my great-grandmother, I majored in Media Production & Design and I wanted to make a keepsake for my family members and from then on, I picked up and improved myself to create better 'content' and thereafter, I was interested in making content for this death trade.

Having a video to remember our loved ones works for me as it heals me emotionally. I was inspired to create such videos because I believed that it is the best gift left for the family members to reminisce...

I am open to any request of video-making and I am totally comfortable to film videos at the funerals. I believed that this is the very last thing we can do on their last journey; which is to capture the memories we have of them.

No marked-up pricing because one thing I've believed is that I don't earn money out of this , its purely out of good deeds.
Rates starts from $250 up depending on video coverage and availability.
We'll filmed it to our best ability with a team of professional videographer/photographer with the same good intentions to embark on this together .

However, what we are lacking is the introduction and the help of word of mouth! Do link us up if you have any leads on this :)

Due to family's privacy, I am unable to post my works here but do contact me to get a preview of it.
Do save my number for any last minute videography services, I am available 24 hours round the clock, as its preferred to start videography on the day of the wake.

Contact me/WhatsApp me at
9383 7433

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