Full review of EOS 10D by Phil Askey is out!!

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Jan 17, 2002
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With a long list of pro and some cons....

but never mention about slow playback and writing speed...

Quote from the conclusion
Conclusion - Pros
Excellent resolution, pulls ahead of EOS-D60 (just), no moiré at resolution limit
Good color, if different response than the EOS-D60, Adobe RGB delivers better accuracy
Noise free 'silky smooth' images
Very low noise levels even at ISO 1600, virtually unnoticeable below this
Images not 'over sharpened' or damaged by visible sharpening artifacts
Excellent long exposure capability, some 'stuck pixels' in very long exposures (3 mins plus) :mad:
Both reduced shutter release lag and reduced viewfinder blackout are noticeable
Vastly improved auto focus system, focuses twice as quickly, works in much lower light
Seven point AF and Registered AF button
Very clever 'smart buffering' means you can almost always take the next shot
Good metering, still no specific 'spot metering'
Good manual preset white balance, average automatic white balance, Kelvin option added
Much less of a 'dust problem' than other competitive cameras (special filter?)
In-camera programmable 'parameter sets' to control image processing algorithms
Adobe RGB parameter, although it's a shame you can't combine with other parameters
RAW mode provides the 'digital negative', about 1 stop of latitude in over exposed images
New and improved File Viewer Utility is a vast improvement, still slow however
Remote capture software for studio setups
All metal body feels solid, robust, reassuring quality
Built as a Digital SLR from the ground up
Easy to use, integrated digital / photographic controls and displays
Improved control layout, power switch is far better
Playback magnification up to 10x (perfect for checking focus)
Orientation sensor for automatic image rotation
Improved, higher resolution and brighter LCD monitor
Full Canon EF lens compatible
Improved IBM Microdrive performance, better than EOS-D30 & D60
Good combination of both full auto, scene and manual exposure controls
Highlighted AF points
Top panel LCD illuminated
Custom functions to control camera operation
Excellent battery life, light weight and small batteries
Excellent supplied software suite
Superb value for money, even better than the EOS-D60!

Conclusion - Cons
Opening the CF compartment door shuts camera down, loses any buffered images
Average automatic white balance performance, we expected more
Confusing sequence of lights in AI Servo auto focus
Stuck pixel noise in very long night exposures (3 mins plus)
Viewfinder view is smaller than film or full frame digital SLR's
Five levels of parameter adjustment is welcome, but why stop there?
No parameter adjustment with Adobe RGB color space selected
White balance not fine-tunable
ISO sensitivity not displayed on viewfinder status bar while being changed
Slow RAW conversion

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