Fujifilm XT3 Sharing My Views On Fuji's Latest and Greatest APS-C Camera (In H2 2018)


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Sep 19, 2008
Sharing some thoughts on the Fuji XT3 and Fuji APSC

The mirrorless APSC camera of 2018 has gone to the Fujifilm XT3 for good reason noting it's specs for video and photo. I am not going into a long article or review on it and it's specs but will just point out a few things from my use of it:

(1) It's eye AF and overall AF is very good

(2) It's got a high fps and decent buffer so you can get many shots in a second and choose the ones you want

(3) If you're a video person you already know it has 4k 10bit 4:2:0 internal (up to 30p and 4:2:2 external) which is an amazing feat. for me not being a huge video guy I don't have fast enough PCs to deal with the highest quality video that it can take. I can probably do 1080p well and maybe lower end 4k 24p 100mbps files.

(4) Very good image quality jpgs and excellent colors science and film emulations.

(5) Possibly the best lens offerings / range for an APS-C system if you're buying into an APSC system

For the rest of the short sharing and a few more pix, grab a coffee and go to the following LINK :)